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We’re committed to developing individuals both personally and professionally into leaders through teamwork and fundamental management training techniques.

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GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS AND KEEPING THEM is the lifeblood of every business. No matter the industry – how you get NEW customers and how you keep them from your competitors is the name of the game.

In the past our clients have rolled out aggressive marketing campaigns including traditional forms of advertising, concentrated telemarketing, direct mail programs and social media campaigns.

In a world of savvy consumers, these approaches either do not work, or they are pushed aside. We cut through the clutter to grab a customer’s attention!

Charlotte Marketing Consultant’s customer acquisition specialists offer a more effective approach to marketing and customer relationship management. Face-­to-face marketing brings our clients’ services and products directly to potential customers.

By turning over operations to our expert team, our clients are provided with the priceless ability to reach and educate potential customers while having their undivided attention. Not only is our speed­ to ­market second to none as our clients adjust their brand strategies, but our management training program is designed to help grow the next generation of proven and trusted leadership as we expand into new markets for our clients in 2016.

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