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4 Ways Sales Skills Will Make Your Life Better

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For nearly every single person we interact with, there is a single shared common goal – to live a great life. The pursuit of happiness is something that all people are on a journey towards. While there are billions of different ways to define an amazing life, there are common threads that will help everyone see progress. It is progress we seek daily, as opposed to a constant comparison to perfection, which will leave us disappointed constantly.

At Charlotte Marketing Consultants, we know that having the fundamental “sales skills” that make someone successful in the business world also makes an impact in your personal life. We want to share four different ways that we all use sales skills every day and how that helps us find the progress we need to see.

1. Building Rapport


Creating a personal relationship (CPR) is crucial when you are developing a foundation for a business relationship, and it is just as important in your personal life. People do business with those that they trust and like, and that’s how personal relationships work too.

No one would ever say they don’t trust their best friend, right?!?!

How we find common ground, share our goals and find ways to enjoy the ride together in life is no different that the interaction we use in the sales industry to build relationships with customers or prospects.

2. Active Listening


We know that people who are successful in the sales industry tend to be stereotyped as loud and somewhat ‘in your face’, but for those who have longevity in the industry and success building business and leading teams, that generalization is quite inaccurate.

Strong salespeople tend to be amazing listeners.

They do speak – but with the intent to ask the right questions and get customers to tell you want they want. This works in interpersonal relationships as well – where getting someone to talk about their favorite subject – themselves – makes you their new best friend!

3. Handling Objections


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade right? To do that, you need to squeeze some lemons along the way.

Sometimes, customers hand us objections – and those aren’t meant as roadblocks, but they are part of the process.

Creative thinking, being solution oriented and seeing all sides to a situation to find the route to an end-result that works for everyone is an incredibly valuable skill in life and in sales.

4. Goal Setting

No one every woke up one day, successful in their career, in the house they dreamed of, married to the partner of their dreams and didn’t know how they got there.

Never has anyone stumbled backward into becoming a doctor, a lawyer or a business owner. There were thousands of small decisions that were made along the way, all with the end in mind.

Having a goal set and an action plan to get there is like using a GPS system – it keeps you on track for what you want. You can get behind the wheel of a car without a destination plugged in and just drive, but you can’t guarantee you will end up where you wanted to.

Every single day we are selling the people around us on why they should want us in their lives, and the stronger our sales skills are, the more we can impact the people and world around us.

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