As a company, one of our core philosophies is that happy people will always out perform un-happy people. We are building our team around a culture of not just high standards but aggressive goal-destroying actions. We use a combination of in-office workshops and real world, hands-on time with actual customers in the Charlotte area to hone our team’s skills.


Are you looking for a career, not just a job? The difference is whether or not you see a future for yourself! Charlotte Marketing Consultants is committed to having our best year yet, and our team is the most important piece in that puzzle – so if you’re ready to come along for the ride, apply now!

Proud to be named one of the Best Places To Work In The Nation 3 years in a row!

For the 3rd consecutive year we have been named one of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in the country!

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There has never been a company in the world that does not need sales. Every business, from your local pizza shop to a corporate law firm, needs customers and has the same basic model. Revenues, less expenses, equals profits – hopefully. As a company, we drive the revenue side for our clients by increasing sales. We do so by lowering the operating costs and expenses for their new business customers. These fundamentals of business help prepare our team leaders for successful careers long term in any industry.


Unrealized potential is one of the biggest wastes in the world. At Charlotte Marketing Consultants we buck the trend of the most frustrating catch-22 in the working world – “how can I get experience, if no one will give me experience?” We look for people early on in their working careers, because we believe that being invested in someone’s future early on will allow our company and team to benefit from the portion of their career where they make the greatest strides. We provide the training and coaching for those gains.


The only thing that limits our company’s ability to grow into further marketplaces and industries is the size of our leadership team. We exclusively promote from within and that means we are looking to add entry level candidates to our team in order to hit our ambitious goals this year. Any C-Level executive needs to know how to identify long term talent for their organization, so we teach the fundamentals of interviewing and hiring to our team leaders so they can help us grow.


Your life, and your career, have a scoreboard. How you keep track of the score for yourself is personal, but we set the bar high for ourselves. That means one thing – growing into a leader of men and women so we can make an impact on our own and others’ futures. It is impossible to learn to lead from someone who has never done it, so we provide coaching from those who have walked in your shoes and now coach a team. They know exactly how to help , they’ve been there, and they’ve done that!


A lot of people will tell you that if you have a good product or service, that’s enough to win in business, or at least maintain status quo.

We are either growing, or shrinking, because a competitor is out there improving every day.
We know that there is no such thing as just staying the course in your career.
We focus on developing our team every day in our office through one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as sharing best practices from top performers.
We teach our players that their best might not be good enough to hit their biggest goals on any given day, but if their best continues to get better, it will be soon enough. It is our measuring stick as leaders to help our team get to that point.


  • We believe that who you are is more important than what you have done in the past for work when determining what your potential is in the future.

  • Our ideal candidate will have a diverse background, with great people skills. We have found success training people coming directly to our company from college, as well as the fields of marketing, sales, customer service, hospitality and communications.

  • There is no perfect resume when we look for to hire for the Account Manager role on our sales and marketing team.

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