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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard in Hurricanes OR in Business

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As the southeastern United States braces for the arrival of Hurricane Florence, we noticed the parallels between proper preparation for a hurricane and success in business.

⚠️ We urge everyone to take the necessary precautions and make sure they are safe this week both locally in Charlotte, and across the region. ⚠️


Taking these three steps in both hurricane preparation and business will not just ensure safety, but also that you safely hit your goals in your career.

1. Prepare with Supplies

In the wake of a hurricane, residents can expect a loss of power, clean water, and access to open grocery stores, so planning ahead and stocking up on supplies that you need for 3-5 days is a smart decision.

In business, you can’t be successful without the tools you need to complete a job or a meeting with a crucial client. Taking time each weekend to prepare your plan of attack is a great habit to form.

2. Make A Plan

Having a plan for the chaos of the event itself is important. Knowing what the changing forecast is predicting and making sure nothing catches you off guard is critical. Having phones charged, back up batteries and generators geared up, and a plan for what to do in any situation allows you to make safe decisions.

In business, Murphy’s Law exists – and having a back-up plan when problems do arise ensures the best possible results.

3. Prepare to Evacuate

Being ready in any natural disaster to leave for higher grounds or safer passages is sometimes the best option. While current advice for Florence doesn’t recommend an evacuation of Charlotte, there are areas where that is not that case.

An old school mentality is never taking no for an answer in business, but sometimes we need to know when to fold our cards and pursue a safer path to our goals. The goal might not change, but our approach must remain adaptable to hitting it.

As the Carolinas brace for the arrival of Florence, we urge all our followers to watch their local news and check for the most up to date guidance from law enforcement and appropriate municipalities on resources and evacuation procedures.


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