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Making Sure You’re Successful

No one wants to work for someone else’s dream their entire life, and we all have dreams of our own that we want to bring to reality. For most people, that means getting into an upper-management position or if you are a true entrepreneur – owning a business one day.

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The unfortunate reality is that in the United States of America, 66% of all small business will fail, which means diving right into working for yourself is a risky proposition.

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There are three main reasons that individually owned and operated business fail during their first few years. Lack of capital, mismanagement and competition tend to be the cardinal sins for most companies, with any single of the three challenges typically leading to the other two.

At Charlotte Marketing Consultants, we are committing to growing our team and investing in their futures to reduce the risk of these three hurdles. Since we promote only from within, based solely on merit with everyone starting at entry level, we greatly reduce the likelihood of mismanagement.

We have clients that are begging us to grow, expand, and take on more territory, and they are invested into our expansion – so as Jermaine Dupri said “money ain’t a thing.”

And lastly, our structure of territory expansion without saturation means we don’t really have a true competitor in our space.

Building a lucrative career is crucial to living life to the fullest and having all the options we all want in life. Early on, investing in your own growth and cultivating skills to help put you in position for a C-Level role down the road is the best investment you can make. Our management training program specifically targets people in the first five years of their career to align their desire to grow with our needs for increased leadership.

One of the scariest, but most important, risks you can take is going all in on your own goals – but if you don’t put yourself behind your own future, who else will?

Thanks for reading!

– Alex Kantor


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Alex Kantor entered the outsourced marketing and sales business in 2011 after spending six years in the collegiate and professional sports industry. After playing both soccer and alpine ski racing at Skidmore College, Alex spent five years working in athletic administration at Amherst College as a media relations director. During that time, he earned an M.S. in Sport Management from the top-ranked University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management.

After relocating to Boston in 2011, Alex spent time working in communications for Kraft Sports Group and their teams, the New England Patriots (NFL) and New England Revolution (MLS). In late 2011, Alex accepted the account manager position to gain sales experience and have a faster growth path into a senior management opportunity.

In 2013, Alex opened his first office in the Boston area, and expanded to Charlotte in the end of 2015. Alex lives in Matthews, N.C. with his wife – Eva.


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