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Don’t Just Picture the Crowd Naked

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One of the most common fears that exists in society is the fear of public speaking, with more than 1 out of 5 people reporting a major fear of getting in front of a room. While there is a lot of misinformation surround glossophobia, it’s clear that most people don’t get excited about giving a speech, a toast or even a simple presentation.

Being an effective communicator to a large group is crucial for leadership opportunities in your career, including paths to management. It would be incredibly difficult to influence and motivate a team, an entire company or a room full of potential customers without being able to rock the stage. Learning to systematically command attention and motivate people is a key focus with every new hire at Charlotte Marketing Consultants.

According to, lack of confidence and desire for public speaking will make a significant impact on your career.

Here are five stats that will make you want to master the art of the presentation:

1. Fear of Public Speaking Costs You 10%

Those who report a discourse for public speaking tend to earn a lower income by nearly 10% annually.

It makes sense when you account for how important client interaction is to company performance and therefore employee income.

2. It Will Hold You Back

In addition to costing you money, a fear of public speaking will make you 15% less likely to earn a promotion to a management position.

Even if seniority gets you that upper leadership role, your performance at that C-Level gig will likely suffer without mastering presentations.

3. Delivery Matters

While your audience is listening, studies have shown that effective communication is made from 38% your tone, 55% non-verbal communication and only 7% from your actual content!

How you look and how you sound matters way more than what you actually say!

4. Let Them Play Along

Research suggests that speakers who deny the audience openings to get involved with questions, crowd surveys or Q&A portions see a 14% drop in audience engagement.

People may listen but they aren’t actively taking in the messaging without the engagement.

5. Facts Are True

In order to have your audience retain your presentation use numbers to drive home the message.

Adding facts and figures to a presentation increases the rate of content retention by 20%!

Being able to grab the spotlight and command undivided attention will pay huge dividends in your career, and at Charlotte Marketing Consultants we focus on developing the skills that most people naturally shy away from. We embrace getting comfortable where we are uncomfortable so we can grow our skills and our company.

Working at Charlotte Marketing Consultants can be extremely rewarding for anyone wanting to overcome their fears.  Read about how general sales skills will improve your life here:

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