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One of the biggest questions we all ask ourselves in life is “WHY”?

Why work hard? 
Why do we do anything that is challenging? 
Why eat healthy?
Why study in school?

It’s one of the lifelong questions that unifies us all. In Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why”, he advises readers to find their personal ‘why’. Prior to attacking the questions of how and what we do, he teaches us to identify the reason why we should and will do anything.

At Charlotte Marketing Consultants, our purpose – our why – is to help other people find their answer to this question. One of the main focuses I had in creating a business, was centering my company around the people who work here.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family – watching my father build and run his business, and then sell it to launch his retirement. He was a children’s dentist, and I always admired the freedom he had and the connection he had not just to his work, but to his team. Several of the hygienists and office staff worked with him for 20 or more years, and some of my earliest memories included the team coming over to our home for BBQs and Holiday parties.

I never really questioned why he would spend personal time with his staff, because to me that was just “normal”.

After growing from an Account Manager role working with our client into a management position about five years ago, I found myself starting to have conversations with my father about why he did what he did.

Our conversations never circled the what’s and how’s, but I always wanted to learn more about the why’s. They are what motivate us in the short term and drive us continuously in the long term.

One of the greatest joys in life is helping someone else in their discovery of their why. Seeing that breakthrough moment when the lightbulb flickers on and their motivation and actions kick into hyperdrive.

 That spark – that boost – is what powers Charlotte Marketing Consultants.

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