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Early on in my career I struggled to accept the age-old catch-22 that to get a job I needed to have experience, but without a job I couldn’t get the experience I needed.

Pardon my French, but that is total B.S.!

Why do I need two or three years of experience to get a job in ‘entry level’?

At Charlotte Marketing Consultants, we aren’t looking to hire people with years of experience on their resume, but rather we want to be invested in people who are going to grow quickly with us. The value a candidate for an Account Manager position can bring to the table for us is their excitement and enthusiasm to grow in a company.

One of our core beliefs is that the mutually beneficial relationship of an entry-level team member feeling empowered by their company’s investment in their future pays off ten-fold over time. We know that someone who lacks resume-building positions from other companies will kick their effort into overdrive in the areas we really value – student mentality, enthusiasm and work ethic!

Financial advisors will tell you to invest early on, planning for retirement as soon as you can – paying your future-self first out of every paycheck. The concept of compound interest is incredibly powerful, as you will have decades, upon decades, to earn interest on your interest if you take that advice. The same concept applies to your career and your professional skillsets.

The earlier on you can lay roots with a company that will allow to grow within it, the longer you have to build off that foundation towards the career you want.


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